***This hat is sold out because all our hats are one-of-a-kind! However, if you love this hat, we can try and re-create it as a custom order. Click here to place a custom order and put the name of this hat in the message box and we will do our best to re-create it or even customize the look further just for you!

"Cameran's are usually beautiful inside and out, and will dive head first into danger for the ones she loves, friends or family. Count on Cameran to cheer you on."

This hat is part of our DREAMLAND 2.0 collection 🌟☁️🦋🌈

Detailed Hat Description: Camel felt rancher hat with a nude pink band, an eye charm, "X" stitching, and star patches and studs.
    •    Adjustable inner drawstring band so you can tighten or loosen as you please.
    •    Hats are 57cm around the crown
    •    Flat stiff brim
    •    65% cotton 35% polyester
    •    4.5" crown height
    •    3.5" brim width

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