get inspired

Custom Hat Examples

So you want a custom hat but aren't sure what you want it to look like? Not sure what styles we've made in the past? We got you.

Here are a few custom hats we've designed for our customers to get you inspired!

FAQ's about custom hat orders

☆ Most bridal hats are usually ordered with a rhinestone band, neutral colored velvet band or dried flowers. Some other ideas are to add engraving (new last name, wedding date, etc)!

☆ All wide brim hats are 57cm (M) and have an adjustable band on the inside to tighten.

☆ Engraving can be done on the brim of the hat or the underside of the brim. It is handwritten in cursive and may leave burn marks since we burn it into the hat.

☆ Another great option if you aren't keen on engraving, is to add a hat tat! We have hat tats in bold lettering and numbers, as well as angel numbers. They come in black, white and holographic.

☆ Depending on how in-depth your custom hat is, and how long your response time back to us is, we can usually get your hat done in 1 week.